Customer 360 Profiles Create Loyal Fans

Arena’s customer 360 unification drives marketing success

Data Mastering with Arena
Reduce data complexity

Reduce data complexity

Ensure data quality

Ensure data quality

Improve data visibility

Improve data visibility

Building Golden Records
with Arena

Accelerate unification of siloed data
for customer 360 views

  • Machine learning engine finds “keys” or signifiers and matches and links records
  • Matches all types of disparate data to turn siloed data into enriched customer data
  • APIs allow for seamless access to golden records for downstream applications
  • Automated active cataloging collects deep metadata for easy, fast discovery
  • Data quality checks to capture any changes in versions; duplicate data sets
  • Self-service access while maintaining the governance required by IT
  • Hybrid and cloud flexibility allows you to manage your data wherever it resides
  • On-demand consumption to business applications and analytics tools
  • Scalable foundation that makes it easy to add your next data source
Arena product catalog data profiling screen
Arena calatog main screen
Arena product control data provisioning screen

Proven Success

Learn how Zaloni’s customers have won big
with their golden record use cases

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Customer 360 Use Cases

Customer 360 Solution Brief


Arena Demo: Create Golden Records for Customer 360


Customer Golden Records: How to build them from disparate data sources with Arena


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